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'Grad Grub'

Congrats on your successful graduation!  Umm... Finger food ideas that come
to mind are things like:

Split pitas that are cut into triangles and toasted with a drizzle of ff
italian dressing and garlic powder OR ff parmesan.

Split pitas,as above, drizzled with ff caramel sauce and cinnamon.  Place
on a cookie sheet and put under the grill.  Watch carefully!  They'll only
take a couple of minutes.

Toasted noodles (a personal fav.)
Take cooked pasta shapes like macaroni, bow ties, or spirals. Make sure
they're dry after being boiled.  Spread on a sprayed cookie sheet, and give
the noodles another quick spray.  Sprinkle seasoned salt over top and grill
until toasted.  Again, toast time is only a few minutes.  I like Lowry's
seasoned salt, but of course the options are many!

Marinated Veg.
Cut your crudites and parboil in vegetable broth.  Drain, and place in the
fridge overnight.  The next day they make lovely crunchy and flavourful
finger food without the need for a dip.

Hope this helps.


Sharon McCleave BSc(Hons)Ost, MRO
Reg'd Osteopath