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Re: Pizza Cravings

For Chris or anyone else with pizza cravings, if you know you will be
heading into one of those tired, busy evenings (probably the weekend,
right?), make one ahead, parbake it (to keep it from getting soggy) and
have it ready in the fridge or freezer (if you have room).

For the cost of a delivery pizza or two, you can treat yourself to a
set of 4 personal size pizza pans sold in the housewares department of
major department stores.  A fatfree pizza dough recipe (there are 
several in the archives), filling and toppings will fill the 4 pans.  
This makes a satisfying meal and helps limit the portion size to 1/4 of 
the pizza. 

To eliminate the vegetables being too watery, roast them in a pile in
the oven first by baking at 400 deg F for 15 minutes.  I like cheese on
my pizza so at home I use fatfree soyakaas mozzarella-style (found at
health food stores - be sure to get the fatfree) which will melt if mixed
in with the sauce.  You can add all the spices you want to make it very
tasty - I get real heavy on the garlic, basil and oregano in the sauce.

I don't think you have to stop having a pizza delivered if you're careful.
There isn't a pizza place here that has ever refused to make a pizza
without cheese.  Just ask!  Just beware of any places that serve deep
dish or sicilian style crust because they will be loaded with olive 
oil.  (In other words, goodbye Pizza Hut deep dish pizza.:) Order thin 
crust pizza only. Once you find your favorite place, stick with it and 
start delivering from there.  They'll love you as a regular customer and 
will do everything they can to keep you happy and coming back!  I have a
favorite place that is happy to load up on the vegetables in return for
no cheese - they come out ahead every time, I know.  And now that they 
know us, we don't have to explain our lowfat, cheeseless needs each time.

I think you can enjoy your pizza and stay fatfree quite easily with just
a little effort!  Enjoy!

in Milwaukee - going out for a walk in the sunshine (finally!)