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Avoiding Late Night Pizzas

Hi Everyone,

Chris was asking about ideas for avoiding late night pizzas.  My husband and
I have a couple of mainstays for the nights where we get home late, we're
tired, hungry, can't be bothered cooking etc.... Both require a bit of
preplanning and freezer stocking.  We make up large batches of lentil
burgers.. (my own conncoction..lentils, oats, cous cous, grated potato,
carrot, onion, and any spices that are hanging around).  We wrap them in
twos or threes in foil and freeze them. When we want a quick meal, we unwrap
them (frozen) and put them in the oven, toaster oven or non-stick pan and
cook until defrosted and crunchy brown.  Between a couple of slices of bread
with ketchup, mustard and salad and it satisfies my junk food craving.  The
other is..pizza..what better way to satisfy pizza cravings than with pizza?
I make dough in my bread maker, and have a pizza cook up afternoon (this is
a lot of work).  Make yummy pizzas with lots of tomatoes, tomato paste,
vegetables, if you like a little crumbled tofu....One weekend a month making
this kind of stuff can save you on those "dark" nights!