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government/food labeling

In a message dated 97-04-25 09:29:00 EDT, you write:

 For those of you who trust the government to authorize or deny your access
 to all food that is good or bad for you let me remind you that one of the
 three biggest lies is "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you."

i know it's off topic but i find this kind of humor offensive.  most
government people work hard and want very much to help their customers, the
taxpayers.  sometimes we have to implement some very silly laws written by
y/our elected officials.  you need to find out sometimes if what you are
complaining about is the government worker or the law that they are entrusted
to uphold. (unfortunately, they may be *very good* at implementing a poor law
or poorly written law and no one benefits!)

it can be frustrating sometimes.  that said, there are limits to what the
government can do in terms of food safety and quality.  i don't think people
really want a food police-- people have to learn to make smart food choices
on their own.   However, the FDA's work in food labeling is a big plus for
all of us on Fatfree and that would not be in place without regulations
requiring the same.  think of how many foods you would still be eating
thinking they were low fat, when you now know the truth (hopefully!)  from
the labels.