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salad sandwich

Hi folks!
Thanks for all the suggestions (to the list & privately) for popcorn 
toppings.  I can now report that I'm off the Can't Believe....Spray. 
And with NO loss of flavor!  Yum, yum!!

I wanted to share with you all what I had for lunch - it was soooo good, 
and thought maybe someone else would like to try it.
I started with a large sandwich roll (couldn't find one in whole wheat), 
liberally spread tofu mayo on both sides (made w/low-fat tofu), layered 
roasted red bell peppers (from a jar-packed in water), cucumber slices, 
cut up artichoke pieces (canned, in water), and sliced tomato.  Ended up 
with a very TALL sandwich (I recommend an attack from the side!).  

I had originally intended to put it all in a ww pita, but as I was 
shopping and had all the goodies in hand, I realized that a small 
sandwich probably wouldn't do it for me.  A small amount of sliced red 
onion or sprouts would have been good on it, too.
Hope you like it!
-- Juli