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Quick Fat Free Stir-"fry"

Chris wrote:

<Does anyone have any tips for resisting the call of the pizza delivery
place after a long day at work?  I have a hard time convincing myself  to
cook fat free at the end of the day.  Quick recipes are more than
welcome, too!  Thanks!>

I know what you mean.  Having to chop up a lot of vegetables is rather
time consuming.  One of my favorite quick FF meals is a stir-"fry" using
mixed frozen stir-fry vegetables.  As long as I've been a vegetarian (4
years), I never get tired of stir-fry!

There are many different varieties of frozen veggies made specifically
for stir-fry.   Dump a bag of these in a wok or large skillet (along with
garlic and ginger to taste) and saute in a little soy sauce and balsamic
vinegar or water for a few minutes until everything is defrosted.  Lower
heat and cover to let the veggies steam until done.  
Then you can add a mixture of soy sauce, water, a couple of teaspoons of
hoisin sauce and/or black bean sauce, and some cornstarch.  Bring sauce
to a boil, stirring constantly until sauce is thickened.  If you like
spicy food add some cayenne, etc.  You can also add cubed tofu during the
steaming phase.  Serve over noodles, leftover rice, or minute rice.