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Re: soymilk

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>Subject: Re: soymilk 
>Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 18:48:12 -0700
>From: Michelle Dick <artemis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>>What is the fat content in homemade soymilk?  I'd like to try making it
>>but am afraid of fat content.
>>--Judy in Sacramento
>I'm not sure, but I found my recipe and it calls for a cup of SOAKED
>soybeans to a quart of water, to make a quart of soymilk.  It also calls for
>1 T. oil or 1 t. lecithin, so if you can find the fat content of soybeans,
>and add it to that of any oil you were using (I think if you were using
>soymilk to cook with you could easily leave it out).