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Re: Garbage broth

>>Long ago (probably 10+ yrs), I checked out a book from the library (I
>>think it was a vegetarian cookbook but it may have been a gardening book
>>with recipes) that contained recipes for 'garbage broth' and 'garlic
>>broth'.  Garbage broth is a veggie stock made with the peelings of
>>potatoes, carrots, et cetera.  After straining, it is the base for the
>>garlic broth which was the base for several soups.  I've searched the net
>>and one local library branch to no avail.  Does this sound familiar to
>This does sound familiar, but I can't quite place it.  I thought maybe
>Laurel's Kitchen, but no.  However, _The Vegetarian Epicure_  by Anna Thomas
>does have a recipe for potato peel broth, with garlic broth as a variation.
>I have the recipes if this is what you want, or close enough.