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Egg Safety info

Mike Rosenblatt wrote: "UNCOOKED EGGS CAN CONTAIN SALMONELLA!" and "Whipped
egg whites to be used in any recipe uncooked can be dangerous, in my
opinion. Just browning them in the oven is not good enough."

I don't know the proper etiquette for quoting online but you get the idea.
Here are relevant excepts from http://www.aeb.org/safety/index.html with
specific information.

<<Salmonella enteritidis will not grow at temperatures below 40°F.
Freezing does not destroy Salmonella but it may impair some cells.

Temperatures above 160°F will kill the organisms.

Temperatures between 40°F and 140°F, known as the danger zone, are ideal
for rapid growth. Cold foods should be kept below 40°F and hot foods
above 140°F. ...>>

<<...If you are at all in doubt that your refrigeration facilities can
quickly cool a number of small containers of hot custard, consider using
a pasteurized liquid egg product. Pasteurization destroys microorganisms
present, including salmonella.

Pasteurized liquid egg products are available at the grocery store or
from foodservice distributors and can simply be substituted in your


Special Risk Audiences

When serving infants, pregnant women, the elderly, the ill or the
immuno-compromised, cook all egg dishes thoroughly or use a pasteurized
egg product.

Commercially prepared mayonnaise, eggnog, frozen entrees, ice cream,
powdered eggs (available at camping goods stores), meringue powder,
powdered sauce bases, dried egg white and egg substitutes are all made
from pasteurized eggs and are suitable for special risk audiences.>>

Hope this helps someone.

PS I found a new safe technique for making Italian Meringue (created by the
brilliant, responsible chocolate artist/baker, Alice Medrich, if anyone is
interested.  To be honest, this has been a subject in many places lately
and I can't remember whether or not I already posted it here.