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Barbecued Eggplant/Tofu

Barbecued-baked  Eggplant/Tofu

This is a very easy recipe to prepare. It is rather loaded with sugar, but
be cut down if you use your own barbecue sauce: ( A good BBS is ketchup, brown
sugar, vinegar and soy sauce mixed to your own taste--you can add pepper,
horseradish, hot peppers if you like it hot). Another way to cut it down is to
slightly water down the sauce. We use Kraft Honey flavored BBS, which 
has no fat but is loaded with sugar. 


1 Package Soy Deli Firm Tofu
1/2 Fresh Eggplant, sliced transversely
in 1/2? segments
1 sliced fresh onion
1 sliced fresh tomato
Several cloves garlic
Sprinkle with lots of paprika
and/or pepper to taste


Use a non-stick large flat pan, preferably with sides to keep from oozing
off the
ends. We use a double thickness non-stick pan that really doesn?t burn on the
bottom. It never needs spraying with oil. 

Spread out eggplant and tofu, cover with onion, tomatoes and garlic cloves. 
Spread barbecue sauce over all this, then dust with paprika and pepper and 
bake at no more than 325 degrees  for about one hour. Be careful not to use
a too hot oven or you?ll just burn the sauce and ruin it. Serve all
mixed-up in a dish. Mashed potatoes go well with this. This is a very easy
recipe to make, even though it 
takes about an hour in the oven. You can start this when you get
home from work and by the time you have tended the kids, gotten
into your bathrobe, it?s done. The trick is to bake it very slowly. 

Mike Rosenblatt