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Re: lacto-vegetarian okay rennet?

On Thu, 17 Apr 1997, Doris Tuck wrote:

> Someone just wrote that Trader Joe's said that rennet and enzyes 
> were lacto-vegetarian okay.  Someone please explain this to me.
> My understanding was that rennet came from the bones or stomach 
> lining or something like that of calves.  Doesn't sound very 
> vegetarian to me.  Did I get misinformation somewhere, or miss a 
> point, or just misunderstand something?

I think sometimes microbial enzymes are called "vegetarian rennet" 
because they have the same action as rennet, which does come from veal 
The web page I posted earlier (http://envirolink.org/arrs/VRG/cheese.html) 
has *lots* of information about rennet and the vegetarian substitutes for 
it.  It also has a list of mail-order sources for veggie cheese.

Check it out....

Susan Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill