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Grilling vegie dogs

>I do have a question about the Tofu Dogs, since we are invited to a 
>"Bring Your Own M**t" barbecue next weekend, can you grill these 
>little guys?  I'd like to bring 

They grill fine.  

Also, it is surprising how good vegies are grilled plain.  The grilling 
gives a nice flavor and you don't miss sauce or marinate.  One of the 
best buys I have found (after my $3 garlic pealer) was one of those 
metal baskets to barbeque small things in.  Great for vegies.  I'm 
going to buy a second one so we can do potatoes--separately and 
earlier as they take longer than most other vegies.  Beware tomatoes, 
they are VERY hot inside and you can burn your mouth badly if you try 
to eat them when you eat the other vegies off the grill.  Ears of corn 
cut into "bite-size" chunks are great grilled, too.  No o*l or sauce