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Popcorn toppings

taco seasoning - an idea I probably got from this list. It's really

sea salt ground in a salt grinder - I believe that I got some salt to
		stick to airpop popcorn when I used a salt grinder
		(filled with sea salt crystals). I tried grinding salt
		right over the bowl as the popcorn came out. It seemed
		to work better than regular table salt. (Of course, it
		could have just been my wishful thinking.)

butter buds - sprinkled them over the popcorn dry. Tasted a bit too
		artificial for my taste but others may like
		this. Haven't tried dissolving it in water and
		spritzing it on the popcorn.

nutritional yeast - I had a friend in college who like nutritional
		yeast on her popcorn but I can't say that it was ever
		a favorite of mine.