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Black soy beans

Thanks, Carolyn, for the cooking tips for the soy beans. After I cook them I
like to dry roast them (30-40 minutes in a 400 degree oven, stirring every
10 minutes or so). Then I turn off the oven and let them sit there all day
cooling down and drying out. I enjoy a fruit and grain salad for lunch
(right now I'm into mango and strawberries) with a little of whatever cooked
grain I have on hand and moistened with some White Wave apricot-mango soy
yogurt. The dry roasted soy beans plus dry roasted garbanzos make a
wonderful crunchy addition. I top it all off with a sprinkling of Nutlettes
(soy cereal) from Dixie Diners Club. 

I love texture in my food and this is wonderfully satisfying.