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Re: He's ba-a-a-a-ack

> I kept waiting and waiting for the list to return, and then I finally
> figured out that I had been lost in the fatfree wilderness, so I
> resubscribed.  Last Saturday was my fourth anniversary as a VLF
> vegetarian.  Now, to the comments:
> > I've noticed a lot of people complaining about the cost of some
> > vegetarian foods. I think that in order to eat cheaply as a
> > vegetarian--you have to get rid of your meat-lover's mentality. Don't
> > look for vegetarian products that look like meat--they're
> > over-processed--and very expensive. You have to look at food from a
> > different angle--and experiment with different things. There are
> > hundreds of different types of grains and beans and lentils and don't
> > forget about eggless pasta--you could eat for months and never repeat!!
> My own experience in four years is that the cost doesn't go down, but the
> variety and health goes up.  I will be 43 next month, and in four years I
> have had two colds, and had to go to a doctor once when I burned myself
> accidentally (giving up meat will not help avoid stupid auto mechanical
> stuff :> ).  Also, I have learned to eat foods I never knew existed
> before, because I was too busy eating what everyone else did.  Now,
> concerning rice:
> > After reading so much about rice cookers on the list, I finally went out
> > and bought one.  It's a Salton.  Thing is, I'm not getting really great
> > results with brown rice, which is what I most want to make.  The
> > instructions say to use the same amount of water as white (?!), and then
> Don't believe it.  It's 1 3/4 cups water to one cup of *genmai*
> (short-grain brown rice).  For long grain, you might have to use more
> water; but don't be surprised in either case if the rice maker bubbles
> over a little.  Suggestion:  mix in cooked wheat berries for variety and
> texture.
> Jim Massey               
> Humanities, Polk Community College, Lakeland, FL              
> masseyj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx