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Homemad burgers

My most favorite "burger" recipe is easy but noisy.  Its great because you 
can make a bunch and some night when you cant think of what to have for 
dinner and dont have the energy to cook, you can make burgers!....
Gather together a few types of dry beans (not kidney though), lentils, split 
peas, chickpeas  etc., some rice,  oats,  whatever.  Put them in to the food 
processor turn it  on and run (or get the ear plugs!).  Try to grind things 
of the same hardness together otherwise the softer  ingred. get pulverized 
befor the harder ones are done.  Grind it down to bits about the size of 
half a grain of rice but dont worry if there are a few larger chunks. 
 That's it.  When you are ready to have burgers, just add boiling water (I 
think it is 1/3 c water to 1/2c mix) and what ever else (I usually add some 
herbs, diced onion and mushroom, or maybe tomato paste) and let it sit for 
1/2 an hour. If you want to put salt or seasoning with salt in it (like soy 
sauce) wait until after it has soaked.  Make patties and bake or cook on a 
nonstick pan until brown. YUMMMY!
I've even cooked these on the bbq.
Good luck
Shona Lamoureaux
Ecological Modelling
AgResearch, Lincoln, New Zealand
Email lamoureauxs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Plant and Microbial Sciences
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ
Email s.lamoureaux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx