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Beans and Misc.

What a great list!  My wife and I have been slowly adapting our eating style
from SAD to VLF.  Although we still eat some m**t, it is becoming less and
less as time goes on.  Our children seem to miss m**t at time, but we (and
they) are slowly converting.

On the topic of beans that has been discussed recently, we always have beans
available.  We always start to sprout the beans, which supposedly gets rid of
any problems with gas.  With this method, we I have not had any problems, or
I guess I'm  just lucky.  We usually use a mixture of dried pinto, black
beans and red kidney.  Soak overnight and drain and rinse.  We put them in a
colander and rinse at least once a day.  They will usually start to sprout
within 5-7 days.  We then put them in the crockpot and cook overnight.