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Cheap cooking

As a college Student, vegetarian, and soon to be unemployed college
graduate, i certainly know about the cost issue fo being vegetarian.  I
have to avoid all the sections at the HFS store except the produce and the
bulk food and the grocerys.  Everbody has been making great suggestions for
pasta mexican food, (try making enchiladas with veggies/mushrooms and lf
cheese, i have a recipe but it doesn't quite meet the guidelines, though it
could be modified)
Definately experiment with veggies and differeent veggie combinations, and
firgure out what you like.  Before I went vegetarian i hated spinach, know
i put it in everthing.
Also look for things that meet you your restrictions, that aren't labelled
as vegetarian.   Sometimes things like lf frozen meals can be found that
are vegetarian, but aren't labelled as vegetarain,and they are almost
always cheaper. Even refried beans, the ones labelled vegetarian are almost
always more than the ones labeled FF, which are also vegetarian.
one last tip..buy a biunch of tupperware, and freeze stuff.  I rarely have
time to cook every night, and often eat out if I don't have anything easy
at home.  Though I can find vegetarian stuff, it's rarely lf, and never
cheap. So i've taken to doublign almost every recipe i make, and freezing
things.  Some times i make thiings just to freeze.  make a pizza crust
recipe, then make calzonnes with potatoe, broccoli, spagetti sauce and ff
cheese, frozen, these ,make great conviniece meals.
Anyway, enough blabbering...Also, this list is great....I have a big binder
filled with recipes from the list, and even my SAD friends ahve borrowed it
at times, or at least recipes from it.


Geoff Jennings

"when I give food to the poor, the call me a saint.
when I ask why the poor have no food, the call me a communist."
                        -Dom  Heider Camara