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Problems with Ornish

  I am having real problems with the Ornish plan, and have come to all 
  of you for guidance and, more importantly, HELP! I have been a semi 
  vegetarian for many years, but just recently have tried to make the 
  move to a totally meatless lifestyle. I guess what I'm really after is 
  information on how to live the vegetarian lifestyle. I would appreciate 
  any help you can give me especially a sample listing of what you eat 
  on a daily basis. Please feel free to mail me privately. TIA
  Lynnette in southern Alberta
  E-mail:   Langemann_L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  If I could wish for my life to be perfect, it would
  be tempting but I would decline, for life would no
  longer teach me anything.
       	    	      	   Allyson Jones