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Quick meal and Boiled dinner

Here is a quick meal I fixed last night.

Started boiling pasta.  Put jar of Ragu Lite Spaghetti sauce in casserole and
popped in microwave, heated 6 min. Opened large can of sweet potatoes also
popped in casserole for microwave. Opened can of green beans ditto. Pasta was
done after last of vegies were heated.  All was ready in 20 minutes.
 Surprisingly the sweet potatoes complimented the pasta, not too starcy at
all.  Another time I might buy packaged salad with ffree dressing instead of

Tonight it is boiled dinner.

I use 4 potatoes cubed, one half cabbage sliced, 4or 5 carrots sliced and 1
large onion quartered.

Cut up potatoes and carrots and onions, amounts of your choice, and the
smaller the cuts the quicker it cooks of course.  Put in water to cover and
bring to boil, turn down to simmer.

Meanwhile shredd or cut cabbage, when other vegies partially done, add the
cabbage.  Cut up no fat weiners or tofu weiner or fatfree sausage (Healthy
Choice, this may be low fat, I'm not sure) and add at end for a few minutes.
Can also add some canned tomato mixture, like Contandina Pasta Ready 1.5 fat.
 Does have olive oil plus garlic and spices.  You can use any spiced up
canned tomato product or leave it out.  I have also added canned garbanzo
beans.  A good hearty meal in probably 45 minutes or less.  Best eaten from
soup dishes.

Barbara in Florida