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Places to safely eat in Albuquerque?

Hello All,

I have periodically visiting my dear friend in Albuquerque, but find it
very, very
hard to have a low fat, vegetarian meal, especially when dining in a group.
I could request steamed veggies, etc, but would like to try the local
flavor if possible...

The rice at most of the Southwestern restaurants has some kind of meat, and
tortillas and refried beans are usualy made w/ lard or vegetable oil (I am
both, especially lard -yuck.)  I ate a burrito and refried beans and felt
sooo bad afterwards-
I learned my lesson!

I found one restaurant, 20 Carrots, near the University.  Does anyone else
suggestions?  I saw a lot of fast food restaurants and steak houses on my 3
but not many places like we have here in the Bay Area (low fat, asian,
etc.)  I went
to their Sweet Tomatoes, the salad bar restaurant.  It was very good, but I
eat there a lot at home, so I was looking for something unique to the

Any suggestions would be grateful- I am trying not to whine and complain on
my visits
and to be a good guest, but it's hard!  Most of the people out there think
I'm way weird already.
I guess I'm spoiled here in the Bay Area.

thanks in advance,

Kelly Carney          feel free to respond directly to