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Hie there,

To think I've been trying to stay healthy & slim by eating LF/FF for so
many years only to be diagnosed of having hypoglycemia...  my doctor says
that all the FF food that I've been consuming, both home-made &
commercially packed, is loaded with sugars to compensate for the loss of
taste & flavour as a result of absence of fat... for example in LF soyabean
milk, FF cookies, FF granola, FF ice creams... 

Now I run the risk of getting diabetes anytime, because my blood sugar
level is going bonkers... which means that all the cereal snacks I've been
taking were "bad" (low in fat- 0.6g, high in carbos-25g pre serving)... 

I have to eliminate sugars & carbos now ( to get rid of a sugar addiction
first)... and eat protein & fats to curb cravings... sigh.. 

Advice, comments anyone??

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Karen Lim