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Unidentified subject!

..What's a slice?  Here in the US, I'm only familiar with slices of pizza, 
..but obviously chocolate caramel pizza isn't particularly appetizing.
..Slices of pie?  

..Susan Lehman
..UNC-Chapel Hill

A slice is like a tray of something I guess maybe in the same way you cook
brownies (I think).  It has a shortcake or maybe a sultana base with some type
of topping on  it like this one has a layer of caramel then a layer of
chocolate.  Or there are other ones that are topped with raspberrry jam and
then meringue, or another with a ginger type topping.

- ----------------------------

. ..                Quick, Southern Style Red Beans And Rice

..Serving Size  : 6 

..  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
..--------  ------------  --------------------------------
..   6      Tbsp          Bacos

what are bacos?