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Re: Beano + a quick multi-purpose recipe <T>

Having called the Beano people last week about the question of
hydrogenated oil in their tablets (nine thousandths of a gram), 
I also asked about the penicillin allergy reports. I wwas told that 
some people who are allergic to molds (mushrooms, for example) may 
have some mild gastric distress with Beano, but only one out of a 
hundred people who are allergic to penicillin have any difficulty 
with the enzyme used in Beano. If anyone suspects they may have a 
potential problem, they are advised to try a small amount of Beano 
to test for any reaction, which should not be serious or dangerous. 

I've recommended Beano in my support groups to over 650 people, some
of them highly allergic to penicillin, but none have reported any 
problems from taking even large amounts of it.

(I have no financial or other interest in the company or its 
products, other than gratitude for saving me much distress.)

Since we're on the subject of beans and gas, let's not forget the
quickest and easiest burrito filling/tortilla chip dip/baked potato
topper and side dish of them all. Mix one part rehydrated black bean
flakes with one part of your favorite salsa. That's it. Great for
those brown bag lunches, wrapped in a whole wheat non-fat tortilla.
Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM