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Re: Clarification: rice cooker pilaf/curry

On Thu, 5 Sep 1996 18:40:31 -1000 (HST),
in message <Pine.GSO.3.94.960905183946.1593A-100000@haleakala>,
Dr. Neal Pinckney <heart@xxxxxxxxx> commented:
> When I gave my "recipe" for a curry/pilaf in a rice
> cooker, I forgot that, unlike Hawaii - where rice
> cookers are as common as coconuts - some people in
> strange places actually cook rice in other utensils....

   The majority of rice eaters in the world, including
nearly all my acquaintances here in Hawaii do not use
rice cookers.  To call their locales "strange" is
indicative of typical arrogance and begs explanation,
some may say, but permit me to state that a rice cooker
is more of a crematorium for fine rice in my opinion.
   In the words of eminent author-cook-educator Julie
Sahni, "Rice is one of the oldest grains known to
mankind.  In India it has been cultivated for some six
thousand years.  Today it is a staple of more than two
thirds of the country's population.  This long and close
association with rice has resulted in a classic Indian
cuisine for hundreds of ingenious and delectable Indian
dishes.  To begin with, Indians cook the rice itself to
perfection -- in a way that is unbeatable anywhere in
the world. . . "

 Jai Maharaj <jai@xxxxxxxxxx>
%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:% Om Shanti %:%:%