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TVP/Prevention Mag.

In # 260, Laurie Kozisek referred to the article in the October
"Prevention" magazine about  newer "crumbles,"  and their superiority to
the generic TVP usually found in health food stores.
Not only are these generic, lower-priced TVPs inferior in taste and
texture, but they're also usually much higher in fat and sodium, and lower
in the cancer-preventing isoflavones.

If you can't find the Morningstar brand shown in the Prevention article,
you can contact Dixie USA for their Beef Not  brand
(http://www.dixieusa.com) to get it shipped by mail. (They now also have
the Gimmie Lean by mail.)

The Beef Not brand, incidentally, was the one recommended by Prevention
that was highest in isoflavonces and fiber, and the lowest in sodium...
only 1% of the sodium in the Morningstart brand.