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Re: TVP/Prevention Mag.

>In # 260, Laurie Kozisek referred to the article in the October
>"Prevention" magazine about  newer "crumbles,"  and their superiority to
>the generic TVP usually found in health food stores.
>Not only are these generic, lower-priced TVPs inferior in taste and
>texture, but they're also usually much higher in fat and sodium, and lower
>in the cancer-preventing isoflavones.

I don't know about crumbles, but I want to correct an apparent inaccuracy
here. According to "The Mail Order Catalog," their plain TVP contains
between .1 and .2 gms of fat per 1/4 cup dry, which makes about 1/2 cup
reconstituted. Their organic TVP had .1 gm per 1/4 cup. There was no sodium
content listed, but I don't think there is any added sodium.

If Bob Beeley, who posted the above comment, has different figures, I'd like
to see them.

-- Sherry 

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