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Cutting Squash

To Sue, who wonders about easier ways to cut hard-shelled squash,

	I have read about, and intend to try, using a large chef's knife and a mallet.  Insert the tip of the knife in the squash to make a starter-slit, then seat the knife blade across the squash at the slit and use the mallet to drive the knife blade into and through the squash.
	I'm not sure how useful this method will be once the squash has been split in half.  I'd sure want to remove the seeds before trying further cuts with this method, to avoid spraying them all over the kitchen.
	I'm wondering if an electric knife would help cut the split squash into smaller pieces?
	Personally, I don't cut up hard squashes often.  Usually I just stab them a time or two so steam can escape, then bake or microwave.

Let me know what works for you!

Virginia Brubaker
NLP Institute of Chicago