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Reactive pans

Written Thurs 19 Sept 1996

I have had some *evil* things happen when using metal pans to
cook things with vinegar. I tried out a recipe for tomato
relish which involved first cooking the sugar and vinegar 
together over high heat. The mixture turned grey...so I thought
"hang on, lets taste this" and when it had cooled down I found
that it tasted distinctly metallic. Sorry, I am not sure what
metal that pan was made of. I have heard that aluminium is
quite reactive but I never even did GCSE chemistry...Now I 
avoid cooking vinegar mixtures in metal pans, except of course
those coated with enamel or non-stick.

Talking about non-stick, the small nonstick pan I have at the
moment has been with me for a month now and is like new! This
is a record for me! (I think the secret is to keep my husband
away from it :-)  )