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Freezing potatoes

Written Thurs 19 Sept 1996

I like to freeze potatoes as "oven chips". This is such a 
wonderful way of making chips - by "chips" I mean what 
Americans and fast-food places call "fries" or "French fries".
ie, not the thin crunchy snacks that come in Cheese & Onion.
I got this off I think the alt.food.fat-free newsgroup sometime
last year. It makes nice thick British-chip-shop style rather
than McDonalds/posh restaurant style.

Bake potatoes until just soft. I do the large bakers for about
1 hour at 230 C (450 F, Gas 8). Not wrapped in foil or anything
although I do pierce each one with a fork to stop it bursting.

Try not to squash them...let them go cold and slice thickly, 
then cut the slices into thick chips. Try and have one side of
the chip being skin. Treat them delicately!

At this point, either open-freeze then pack into bags, or put
on a baking sheet, balancing them skin-side down, and bake again
at whatever heat you have the oven on maybe 230 C again. You
just want to dry out the outsides as they are already cooked.

If freezing, balancing them skin-side down makes it easier to
get them off the plate/baking sheet/whatever you open froze
them on. Bake from frozen to defrost and crisp the outsides.