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nonfat dry milk

        We use noninstant dry milk (NIPM) from our food coop in place of
1/3 to 1/4 the sugar in virtually all cakes, cookies, fruit breads, etc.,
that we bake. The milk tends to make the product a little dry, so I add an
extra tablespoon of honey or molasses to compensate. NIPM has a very fine
texture, and we use it to replace 1/3 of the powdered sugar in frosting
recipes. It gives the frosting a rich, creamy taste (even though it's
nonfat milk) and even some nutritional value.
        The querry letter concerned instant nonfat dry milk bought in a
large box, which has large granules compared to the powdery NIPM. It can
also be substituted for sugar in baked goods, but absolutely not for
frostings. Adele Davis goes into considerable detail about the difference
in "Let's Cook it Right."