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Japanese Rice Balls

Several months ago there was a thread on Japanese rice balls.  We have a
Japanese exchange student staying with us and she has taught us how to make
the rice balls.  Apparently they are a standard breakfast in Japan, served
with miso soup and green tea. I have been eating them for breakfast for a
week and they are filling.  The miso soup is also a very nice addition in
cold, rainy Portland weather.  The proportions are a bit vague because she
never measures the ingredients, so neither do I.

Make a batch of sushi rice.   (size is entirely up to you.  1 cup of cooked
rice makes about 2 rice balls, which are very, very filling.  I can usally
only make it through one and a half on any given morning)  Be sure to rinse
the rice before cooking, this makes the rice extra sticky.

After the rice is cooked, mix in just enough soy sauce to make the rice
turn a light brown color.  Our exchange student says that in Japan they mix
in bonito (which is a fish product) for flavor.  Since I am a vegetarian,
she has refrained from using bonito in my rice balls. I think hijiki
seaweed would make a nice substitute, but I have never tried it).

Wet your hands and take a handful of rice.  Shape the rice into triangles,
making the triangle thick enough so that it can stand on any side.

Heat up a skillet (no oil) and heat each side of the triangle until they
are all crispy and brown. This is a fairly fast process, so you should keep
your eyes on the balls while they are cooking.

Eat and enjoy.  Fat free and delicious.

Eva Schweber
Food Allergy and Sensitivity Consultant