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Pressure Cookers

                       Subject:                               Time:8:25 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          Pressure Cookers                       Date:09/17/96

I've seen some discussion and recipes on this list regarding pressure cookers.
  I've never used one and just remember them as some ancient contraption my
mom used and warned me to stay away from lest I get hurt (toooo many years
ago).  So, now I am getting interested in perhaps buying one but don't have a
clue as to which brand or type would be best.  Maybe some of you that use
pressure cookers could enlighten me!  Do different ones have different
features or are they all basically the same?  Price ranges? Thanks!
Oh, and Ruth, your non-reactive pan question is not a "stupid" question.  I've
been wondering what exactly a non-reactive pan is and whether I'm using them
unknowingly (eek)