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Identifying Vegetarian Products

Several people have posted comments regarding the difficulty in identifying truly vegan and vegetarian products.
You might be interested in a recent effort by Veggies Unite to bring this about.
They have formulated a letter to be sent to a large number of food producers, proposing a specific logo be added to those products that contain no meat
by-products (including seafood or chicken), no dairy/egg products and no
honey.  By placing the logo (design proposed by Veggies Unite) on their packaging,  the food producer certifies the product to be free of those products.
In return, Veggies Unite promises to promote those products to its vegetarian
and vegan constituency.
The draft letter is now being edited and should be on its way soon.  If you are
interested in seeing this effort, visit the Veggies Unite Board (Activism section)
at http://www.vegweb.com/wwwboard/