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Calcium -- GRRRR!

Hi all,

I was just trying to figure the calcium content of some homemade bread I'd
made with calcium-fortified soymilk. I'd like to take in about 1,000 mgs per
day, since osteoporosis is rampant in my family, so I was working on a
high-calcium bread I could eat to help.

I checked the amount of calcium on the box of soymilk. It was . .  . 30% of
the RDA. !!!!!!! What does this tell me? 30 percent of what???? I hate these
new nutrition labeling standards! It's widely recognized that the RDA for
calcium varies a great deal between whether the person is a man, woman,
child, pregnant woman, lactating woman, etc. Why can't they just state the
mg's of calcium instead of this nebulous 30%? Or do both!

Well, that was a vent  . . . sorry. Does anyone have any idea what 30% would
translate to in mgs?

Regards and thanks,


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