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rosemary lemonade, some web sites

I recently read an article in the September '96 Vegetarian Times about Resturants in the Seattle, Washington area. The reviewer
mentioned the joys of sipping rosemary lemonade (no recipe given) at a place called Cafe Flora. Have any Washington state area residents or Seattle visitors tried this drink, or would anyone have a guess how to
prepare it.....steep rosemary in water before making lemonade? Place a fresh rosemary sprig in a glass of lemonade?...or does anyone have other formulas for light drinks using herbs that would go well with meals?  

For the persons living healthy lifestyles yet still struggling with high cholestrol...You might be interested in a question posed to Dr. 
Andrew Weil's web site this week (in the Q&A Archive under the topic Cholestrol ). You can find it at:

Among the foods he listed for their anti-cholestrol effects were shiitake mushrooms...another reason to dig out those mushroom recipes!
And, on the subject of Shiitake mushrooms prepared in dishes other than Asian style, check out this site:
It's a review of a cookbook (called the Shiitake Way) offered by the Farm Publishing Company in Summertown, 
TN....claims to give lots of info and varieties of ways to prepare the mushrooms. 

Hope this helps...
Strawberry Luck
Nashville TN