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Puffed wheat...

I read that back in the 40's, puffed wheat and rice were found to have had
their DNA damaged, by a quality control scientist. He set up experiments
with rats using control groups, and found that the second generation were
being born with slight birth defects, the third with major defects, etc. He
reported his findings but was ignored and told to keep quiet.

Personally, I remember the commercials in the 50's about puffed wheat and
rice being shot from guns, and we loved the stuff and it was the major
cereal my parents bought us (along with white bread, TV dinners, and other

I will never know why my first son was born with apparent chromosomal
damage, mental retardation, and autism; puffed wheat and TV dinners until I
left home? Ortho contraceptive foam? Bendectin? the overly-restrictive diet
of just steak, greens, o.j., and skimmed milk that kept me down to a total
gain of seven pounds (so I wouldn't get 'fat' - don't get me started!)?

But I dove into Adelle Davis' books and my son thrived, and with kelp,
brewer's yeast, and other good things he was a lot healthier than he might
have been on puffed wheat and TV dinners. My two youngest, born a few years
later, are both very bright mentally, though both boys had seizure disorder
as kids, and my daughter may have difficulty conceiving.

Many thanks to Dr. Keith L. Moore, my wonderful boss (before he retired)
and world-reknown embryologist, who encouraged me and took the time to talk
with me and help me heal from over-exposure to physicians and other health
professionals with hearts of stone. And thanks to many people who were
brave enough to challenge the given order when it came to nutrition and
health. And God bless Adelle Davis for caring.

Sylvia   8-)  +

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