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kosher labels

Cindy sez:
> I wish they could put a V or
>something on food like they put K on Kosher food.

Sometimes food is labeled with a P for Parve or Pareve, when it is prepared
without milk, meat or their derivatives. Kosher cooking laws require the
separation of meat and milk, so something without either is called neutral,
or Parve, because it can be mixed with either a meat dish or a milk dish.
You might find this on magarine (made without milk products) or vegetarian
soups. Some foods also have a "U" on them, which also refers to Kosher
preparation, but I don't know what it means. For example, Heinz Vegitarian
Beans is labeled Kosher (U). Lots of Kosher foods, like pickles, for
instance, are labled with a K for Kosher and have neither meat nor milk
products in them.  I'm not a Kosher observer myself, I just picked this up
somewhere. Please enlighten me if I'm wrong.
-Laurie Kozisek