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Re: To Shirley on Shi-take

>Shitake mushrooms fresh or dried, can be made into delicious soups.  One of
>the best I've had was Carpathian mushrooms made into a soup with potatoes
>and onions.  The Carpathian were a special flavour, just like the shitake,
>and formed the main seasoning and broth.  Your fiance may like this.  Just
>don't call it Oriental!
>Victoria from North Vancouver, BC

I've posted this before, but for newcomers, Shiitakes and Chinese black
mushrooms are the same. However, I've paid $40 per pound for dried local
Shiitakes and only pay about $8 per pound for dried Chinese black mushrooms
at an oriental grocery store. We can get fresh shiitakes here, but I think
the flavor of the dried reconstituted ones is more intense and better, and
there is no chance of them spoiling before they are used up.



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