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Carmelized Onions

To the person asking about carmelized onions:

Yes, they are usually made with oil (I assume, most restaurants I don't 
think are into healthy alternatives unless otherwise stated, especially a 
pizza place!) but they are very easy to make NF at home. Simply slice an 
onion and put it into a skillet with approximately 1/4 cup of water 
(that's what I always use to start). Saute (I do it on high, but I have 
no patience) until the water disappears. If they are done to your liking, 
fine, but most people like them darker brown and more carmelized. Add 
more water. . .by the time the water evaporates the onions will have 
started to stick, that's okay. Pour some of the water over the burned 
parts and scrape it onto the onions. Keep doing the saute/add water thing 
until they are carmelized enough.

The only fat is the fat in the onion, which I beieve is pretty much zippo.