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Re: Dorm food


	I got off the meal plan during my junior year of college (we 
had to petition to get off it, and get a doctor's note, or I would 
have done it sooner).  Not because of gaining weight, but because of 
losing weight because there were simply no vegetarian options beyond 
bread and salad.  I had a dorm-sized fridge in my room, and a hot pot, 
and lived on Lipton rice and noodle mixes.  All you had to add was 
butter and milk, although all I ever added was milk, and they turned 
out fine.  In fact, the Spanish rice mix only required water, as I 

	Anyway, since you have a microwave you will probably be able 
to eat a more varied diet, including vegetables, but maybe this will 
get you started.  The mixes are usually only about $1 each, and always 
lasted me a couple of meals.  Then there's always top ramen...  :)