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tofu, etc.

Someone asked about tofu brands.  My current favorite is called (I think!)
White Wave, or something like that - Reduced Fat.  It's very substantial,
and my choice when I want tofu to really sink my teeth into.  Unlike many
other brands, this one I actually love eating straight out of the package
while I'm cooking!

Also, I'm curious to hear opinions about the person offering food
supplements at a deep discount.  From what this person posted, it sounded to
me like a sales pitch, and not like the sharing of information this person
just happened to come across.  If this posting was what I think, IMHO it's
an extreme misuse of this list.  I too sell a line of food supplements that
I believe strongly in, but I am on this list to receive and give information
to/from people interested in fatfree veggie cuisine, not to make a sale or
be sold to - the telemarketers call too much on the phone as it is!  I do
comment from time to time on nutrition issues when I think there is
misinformation floating around.  My apologies if I've misunderstood the
intentions of the person who sent that post.    -Hillary