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Re: Weight Loss

Hi Peggy
My name is Steve and I've been trying very hard to lose unwanted pounds.
My goal is to be down to 200 by the end of 1997.
20 weeks ago I was 280. I'm six feet two inches tall, so 180 to 200 
would be good for me. Over the last 20 weeks I've lost 28 lbs. bringing 
me down to 252. I'm averaging 1.4 lbs a week.
I've lost it first by cutting down on my food intake and now I've added 
walking, I'm up to 60 minuets three times a week or more. 6-8 glasses of 
water a day and cutting out hi fat items from my diet.
Most of all I'm trying to feel good about myself. 
When I get down on myself then I'll eat anything. 
Also I'm trying with the help from the list, to eat less meat. 
Each week it gets better. 
I've also given up tea and coffee. 
Oh one more thing, no eating after 6pm.
Hope this helps.

Steve MacDowall 

Patrick Luis Muga wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> For those who don't know, I'm trying to loose weight. I don't want to
> clutter ffng so if you would privately e-mail me suggestions or tips on
> weight loss I would be so greatful.  And believe me Im not eating well
> just to loose weight I want it to be a life change.
>                 Thank You, as always
>                 Peggy Muga
>                 Tallahassee, Florida

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