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Weight Loss

Hi-I'm usually a  lurker, not trying to stir up any commotion, but I too,
would like to lose a few pounds for health purposes only. I completely
understand if you want to e-mail me privately regarding some tips on
how to maintain a lower weight (maybe 10 pounds less, I'm 5'5, 157 lbs.,
but very active).

The problem I am having is I eat way too many carbohydrates (like 2 or 3
bagels or slices of bread per meal), but they are low in fat (without any
added fat), and they fill me up, although only for a short amount of time. I
eat protein-including lots of egg whites (and substitutes) and cheese.

I apologize about this e-mail, I know it is long and semi-irrelevent. Thanks
for all of your support and great recipes!

Sara (please e-mail me at ssolomon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)