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Re: Please help: High triglycerides level

On 24 Oct 96 at 12:31,Gosia wrote:

> I have a good friend who has been a vegetarian for more than one year.
> She had a blood test done recently and discovered that her triglycerides
> level is dangerously high (495 - a high risk of heart desease).
> She does not drink alcohol and she is not diabetic.  She suspects that
> a possible reason for her problem is too much carbohydrates in her
> vegetarian diet, that her pancreas is probably unable to digest all the
> carbohydrates she consumes. She believes that she needs to cut down on
> carbohydrates but does not know how to do it. Do you know how to be
> a vegetarian and bring down an elevated triglycerides level? Please
> help, I am afraid that she may resort to eating meat again.
> I would appreciate any information.
> Gosia Cygan, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
> e-mail: <cmcyga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I had/have the same problem.  My nutritionist pointed out a few things.

1. I needed to eat more vegies, more starchy vegies (potatoes, etc.) and less 
grains.  The idea behind this is related to the glycemic index of foods which I 
guess indicates how quickly the body takes up glucose or glycemic acid or 
something.  As it turns out, the glycemic index for some grains and processed 
foods is higher than for fuit.

2.  He gave me a nutritional supplement that contained Niacin.  Niacin brings 
down the tri-qlyceride levels.

After doing what he said, my tryglicerieds went from 600 to 200.

Steve Cole  please reply to: slaw@xxxxxxx
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