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low-fat lifestyle

I'm sure some of you in this group eat even less fat and calories every day than I do. I tend to 
eat about 2200 

calories a day of which I guestimate that I am getting about 20 grams of fat. I am very active 

though - run about 5 miles a day, some days also teach aerobics, do stairmaster every day. Plus 

I have a 1 and a half year old who keep me busy as well as a full-time career. The problem is I 

quit menstruating about 6 months ago and recent tests indicate I have the estrogen level of a 

post-menopausal woman. I'm 26-years-old!!!! My doctor attributes much of it to my low-fat 

eating. Have any of you had similar experience? Please excuse me if this isn't a topic to be 

discussed in the group. E-Mail me privately if you can. But, since this is a group for people 

who live a low-fat lifestyle I thought someone may be able to help. Thanks a bunch. 

Worried Elizabeth