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FW: Veggie Burgers

I absolutely love Gardenburgers grilled on the BBQ grill....
>From: 	CARDI Barbados[SMTP:cardi@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, October 22, 1996 6:53 AM
>To: 	fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: 	Veggie Burgers
>I looked in my local store yesterday for some veggie burgers but they were
>all way to high in fat so I had a go last night with lentils. The result was
>a sloppy mess - tasted ok but certainly wouldn't stay in a bun! So has
>anyone out there got a good recipe for "burgers" which results in something
>that would cook ok on a BBQ grill?
>Look forward to hearing from you.