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Re: Lasagna (from Digest V96 #292

>On Wed, 23 Oct 1996 CHAKJA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Kirsten Andrews)
asked about: The perfect lasagne
>I am looking for a filling lasagne recipe that contains no dairy products. 
> I have looked in the archives, and have found a great tomato and zucchini 
>lasagne recipe.  The only problem is I am cooking for my brother who isn't 
>vegetarian and I think he would miss the meat.  I am wondering if pureed 
>pumpkin would suffice as a "cheesy substance".
>Any other tips on how to make it "extra  filling" would be appreciated. He's 
>a 21 year old whose on a drug which increases his appetite!
>Kirsten Andrews

I'm not a vegetarian, and the first time I made lasagna, I was making for
a party and needed 2.  Since some of my guests don't eat meat, I made one
with ground beef, and one with just spinach.  I thought the meat not only
didn't improve the lasagna, but made it awful.  I've never made one with
meat since!  ;-) 

I'm working off the top of my head here since you said you needed it fast, 
but my basic recipe calls for layers of the following:

noodles - I don't cook mine first, but cook the dish longer.
sauce - I use my "basic" red pasta sauce.
cheese & spinach mixture - I use ff ricotta (sometimes ff cottage cheese, 
     although I don't think that's as good), ff mozzarella, a sprinkle of
     ff parmesean, and egg (or substitute) and squeezed frozen spinach.

End with sauce and top with some more of the mozzarella and a little 
parmesean.  Voila!  Bake at 350 F for 45-60 min.  It always gets raves.
And I think it's pretty filling with just a green salad (maybe some bread)
on the side.

Good luck,  Francine

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