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collard greens

Paul asked what collard greens were-he's going to have to start posting odd 
ingredients from his neck of the woods to puzzle the rest of us some day. 
 Collard greens are Brassica oleracea, closely related to kale according to 
the web site I checked.  They have big, broad, mostly flat dark green 
leaves and grow in a rosette formation.  Collards have been eaten for at 
least 2000 years and originated in the Mediterranean.  I have eaten them in 
Greek and African dishes, so have always assumed they were a worldwide 
vegetable.  Anyway, they are high in vitamins C and A, folic acid, and are 
a good source of calcium and iron for vegetarians-better than spinach, 
since they lack oxalic acid.  They are one of the greens recommended for 
the prevention of macular degeneration.   The only trouble with them is 
that most traditional American recipes for collards incude an almost 
unbelievable amount of animal fat, so I'm trying to collect recipes that 
are vlf.  I'll be trying the ramen noodle one this week, though I'll use 
the soba noodles I already have around.  Thanks, Lorletha!

Looking for fifty ways to eat my greens, Anne.