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Re: Low fat Dressing

At 11:20 AM 10/16/96 GMT+800, you wrote:
>> Dixie in their last catalog had the following recipes:
>> Ranch Dressing                                      
>> 3 tablespoons Creme-it
>for us non US readers...what is Creme-it??????????
Paul: sorry for being so late in answering you. Creme-It is a low fat 100%
Tofu powder (made from soy) that I get from Dixie U.S.A. a mail order
healthy food Co. The following are all the addresses and such that I could
find on their Catalog. They will send you a free catalog if you ask 
e-mail;  info@xxxxxxxxxxxx
1-800-BEEF-NOT (1-800-233-3668)

P.O. Box 55549

Hope this helps.